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Aetna Extras

Get smart about your health with these member tools

Tools to Manage your Health

Please click on the links below to learn more about our member tools:

The Choices You Want

The Aetna plans for Pinellas County Schools employees and retirees come with many extra health and wellness programs at no cost to you, plus additional discount programs to help you save even more. Choose a program below to learn more:

  • Discount Programs and Services

    Save Money on Hearing Aids, Gym Memberships, Weight-loss Programs and More!

    Learn more about our Discount Programs and Services: English PDF | Spanish PDF

  • Aetna One® Choice

    Get personalized care and support when you need it most. Sometimes you require personal, ongoing support to manage a health event or chronic condition.

    Learn more about our Aetna One® Choice program: Click for PDF

  • Informed Health Line: Answers When You Need Them

    As an Aetna member, you'll have access to our Informed Health Line, toll-free, day or night. You can't always call your doctor to talk about a health problem or question. But you can call Informed Health Line® (1-866-253-0599), a toll-free service staffed by trained registered nurses. While the nurses aren't authorized to diagnose illnesses or prescribe drugs, they can:

    • Answer health-related questions
    • Help you decide whether or not to go to the emergency room
    • Tell you simple steps you can take to address a health issue until you can get to a doctor

    Learn more about our Informed Health Line: English PDF | Spanish PDF

  • Aetna Maternity program

    Give your baby a healthy start with the Aetna Maternity program

    The Aetna Maternity program comes with all Aetna plans for the Pinellas County Schools at no extra cost to you. You can use it throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born.

    Learn more about our Maternity program: English PDF | Spanish PDF

  • Women's Health Information

    The latest women's health information for all ages

    Go online to learn more about women's health. Find information on pregnancy, baby care, reproductive health, as well as, breast health, heart health, menopause, migraines, depression, and more.

    Visit our Women's Health website

    Learn more about our Women's Health program: Click for PDF