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Getting the most from your health insurance has everything to do with your individual needs and preferences. We are here to help!

Our Member Services representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM, eastern standard time.

Just call our toll free number, 866-253-0599, to:

  • Ask questions about benefits and coverage
  • Locate an Aetna Network Provider
  • Request a new member ID card
  • Connect to your 24 hour nurse line for your health questions
  • Access interpretive services in 150 languages, and more

TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf)* - Phone: 800-628-3323

Got a Question? Call 1-866-253-0599 TDD Phone 800-628-3323

Got a Question?

Call 866-253-0599
TDD Phone: 800-628-3323
Monday - Friday, from 7AM to 7PM (EST)

On-Site Representatives

Janet Lange Photo
Janet Lang
Aetna Account Advisor

O: 727-588-6367
F: 727-588-6182

  • Aetna coverage and benefits
  • Explanation of benefits
  • Review claims and billing
  • Assist with eligibility in-quires
  • In-network provider in-quires
  • Spending account inquires
Gina DeOrsey Photo
Gina DeOrsey, RN MSN
Aetna Patient Advocate

O: 727-588-6137
F: 727-588-6182

  • Oversees the PCS Diabetes Care Program
  • Coordinates Tampa Bay Mobile Mammography Bus
  • Resource for inpatient/ outpatient coordination of care issues
  • Promotes Aetna’s Clinical Care Programs: Aetna In Touch Care, 24/7 Informed Health Line, Teladoc, Aetna Maternity
  • Provides general health and preventive screening education
Jessica O’Connell Photo
Jessica O’Connell, RN BSN
Aetna Wellness Nurse

O: 727-588-6134
F: 727-588-6182

  • Aetna Health Promise program: GetActive, Peerfit, Mindfulness Challenge, Small Bytes
  • Works closely with Pinellas County Schools employee wellness team on programs and initiatives
  • Promotes and attends health screenings
  • Provides general health and preventive screening education

The Choices You Want

The Aetna plans for Pinellas County Schools employees and retirees come with many extra health and wellness programs at no cost to you, plus additional discount programs to help you save even more. Choose a program below to learn more:

*Note: These numbers only work for people using a TDD machine. If contacts call in using a normal phone, they get the message listed below. Thank you for calling Aetna. You have dialed a TDD/TTY number for hard of hearing callers only. We are unable to service your call on this number. Please hang up and dial the member services number on your Aetna ID card.